CBG Oil Tincture (G30)


Full spectrum CBG tinctures are rich in minor cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and numerous other natural hemp oil compounds.

  • 99.8% purity
  • Concentration: 100 mg/ ml
  • Size : 30ml. bottle
  • Strength : 3000mg (100mg CBG per ml)

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  • Size : 30ml. bottle
  • Strength : 3000mg (100mg CBG per ml)
  • Full Spectrum CBG. CO2 Extracted.
  • No chemicals. No preservatives.
  • No additives. No sweeteners.
  • No artificial colors or flavorings.
  • <0.3% -9 THC

Symptom treatments

  • Alleviate pain
  • Enhancing pleasure/ motivation
  • Regulating appetite and sleep
  • Reduces arthritis
  • Reduces inflammation in the gut
  • Treatment against cancer

Suggested usage

  • Every person’s body is unique and dosing can vary per person depending on internal factors. If you
    are new to cannabinoids, we recommend starting low and working your way up to an amount that
    works best for you.

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  • Most people start with 10mg once or twice a day. Gradually adjusting their dose every 3-7 days until
    the desired result is achieved.
  • Effects typically felt within 1-3 hours. Can last 8 hours or more. We suggest starting with a lower
    dose and increasing if needed, or if directed by a physician.


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